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A little game about an alien whose mission is to repair the damage we have done to our planet. He must put an end to all pollution and make our planet colorful again!

We are a small team of developers who love to make games in their free time. This game was made  in  48h for the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme for the jam was "repair". It was a cool experience because we got to work with some other friends too, and we really enjoyed the process of making this game. Also we ended up winning awards for best game in out jam site so that's pretty cool! We really, really, really hope you like it! And as always: we are very pasionate about what we do and we would love to hear your opinion!


This game was made by:

First Try Studios:

  • Kelvin Comper Dias
  • Rodrigo Manuel Pérez Ruiz
  • Marcos García García

These cool people:

You can find us here!


Feel free to email us at: firsttrystudios@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
AuthorFirst Try Studios
Tags3D, Aliens, contr, Global Game Jam, Singleplayer, Third Person, Voxel


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Hello, new video.

how do you  actually play it?

You must enter the levels pressing 'e' on pc, or the 'X' or 'A' button of the controller, being over the red thumbtacks on the world map. Once in any level use the same button to interact with the items of the map and try clean it up somehow

i mean how do you actually play it once you have downloaded the file

On windows decompress the .zip with winrar or similar and double click on the .exe file

In Mac drag the app folder to the Mac app folder and execute


wow, I love this game. I finished it under a minute and im thristy for more! Great work.

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Thank you very much, we love to hear you liked it and we'll try our best to make more cool games ^^


i was so sad when it ended it was a fun game please make more


Hey thanks for your comment. We like to know that you enjoyed it. We'll make more games in the future so stay tuned ;)

no i meant make more content


how do i land? on windows pc


E button


This is a very good game! It was hard finding the next level though.

Hey thanks for making a video of our game!! We love to see people actually playing our games, it's so much fun


I think this is an amazing game idea and for the most part a well executed one. however on the first few levels i felt like i was guessing where the tree i was placing was going to go. i'm suggesting something that indicated to the player where the tree will be being placed.

also I found myself stuck on this level . i placed the tree but nothing happpened after,  I believe this would become very frustrating to a player who doesnt know what is going on. 

other than these smaller things the game is really nice and i love the soundtrack and sound effects. and that title screen.. mmmmmmm

keep up the work :)

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put the bone in the ship and make  a cow

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Interesante concepto. Normalmente los juegos ecologistas fallan por enviar mal el mensaje y no poseer mecánicas interesantes, pero este parece que si cumple con esa función. Hace que reconstruir y recolonizar el planeta parezca un paseo (cuando en realidad suele durar siglos, milenios o hasta millones de años tras una extinción masiva).

Gracias! Sobre todo buscábamos centrar el gameplay alrededor de varias mecánicas que pudiesen realizarse con un único botón de 'interactuar'. Si cierto que en el mundo real estos cambios tomarían mucho más tiempo pero supongo que si por algo nos gustan los videojuegos no es siempre por su realismo ;)